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Body Massage
Body Massage 60min \5,000
Body Massage 90min \7,000
Body Massage 120min \9.000
Body Massage 150min \11,000
Body Massage 180min \13,000

Foot Massage 60min \5,000
Scalp Massage 60min \5,000

Aroma oil Massage
Aroma oil Massage 90min \10,000
Aroma oil Massage 120min \12,000
Aroma oil Massage 150min \14,000
Aroma oil Massage 180min \16,000
Thai Savai Course (Foot 60min + Body Massage 60min) \9,000
Scalp Massage 60min + Body Massage 60min \9,000

After the massage, tea or coffee is served.

THANK you for your interest in our shop.
Please understand that we are a legitimate/professional business. We offer massages only.